Control Acid Reflux with Proper Diet

No one would like to suffer from the Gastroesphageal Regurgitation Disease. However, keep this dreaded disease at bay with the help of proper diet and nutrition. Foods that will not cause heartburn will help the patient to avoid the attack of acid reflux.

Avoid large and heavy meals instead eat small and regular meals often to avoid acid reflux. This will not overload the stomach and the digestion process is easy. High carbohydrates diet like multi grain, rice, bread, bran, pasta, pretzels, crackers combine with the acid in the stomach and work lightly. Always sit upright after meals. Similarly keep the head in an elevated position with the help of pillows while sleeping.

Avoid foods that are deep-fried and are rich in fat content. The stomach needs more acids to digest fatty foods, as they are hard to be absorbed. Alcohol and sodas increase the secretion of acids in the stomach and one becomes more prone to acid reflux so it is best to avoid them. It is best to avoid heavy meals, as it needs too much acid to for digestion.

A debate is still on the do and don’ts on the topic of diet to control acid reflux. Some believe that a glass of milk before sleep can decrease the GERD signs. However, milk can cause a bounce back effect, which increases the secretion of acids that in turn causes acid reflux. It is better to have an early and light dinner and have a small snack before going to bed.

Research also says caffeine, spicy and citrus when avoided keeps acid reflux at bay. Internal Medicine doctors of Stanford University suggest only two remedies for this acid reflux. One is to have light and regular meals and the other is to keep the head in a raised position while sleeping.

Make a note of the food you take and that which aggravate the acid in your stomach. Maintain a special diet to curb the acid reflux problem. With a little bit of discipline in your food habits you can control the excess production in your stomach, which in turn keeps you away from the problem of acid reflux.





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