General signs of Acid Reflux Disease

Heartburn is the main sign of acid reflux disease. The burning sensation starts in the stomach and then slowly moves to the chest and throat area. This heartburn results due to a heavy meal, napping or lifting heavy things just after a meal. The uneasiness and pain is great when the symptoms show at nighttime and many patients experience this.

This symptom of heartburn is not life threatening and does not cause any harm to the esophagus. However, there are other symptoms like digestive disorders of the stomach and vomiting

Dyspepsia or the stomach disorder caused by acid reflux gives the fullness of the stomach along with pain, which leads to nausea and vomiting after every food intake. Each time the person suffers from dyspepsia does not necessarily mean the person is suffering from GERD.

The feeling of acid in the throat called Regurgitation is a sign of GERD. This happens when the acid reaches until the mouth and sometimes the patient pukes acid, which is very rare.

The other signs and symptoms of acid reflux apart from dyspepsia, regurgitation and heartburn are chest pains and sore throat. When the food is caught in the breastbone, it leads to chest pain. Nevertheless, this chest pain is different from heart attack or and angina.

Frequent Sore throat and hiccups are symptoms in GERD. Hoarseness, Dry cough and lump in the throat area are symptoms in the case of Acid laryngitis. Another stage is Dysphagia, which gives problem in swallowing. This cause cramps which leads to the narrowing of the esophagus.

Continuous nausea, vomiting, persistent cough are all symptoms of GERD. GERD can cause respiratory problems like wheezing and coughing.

Although the above-mentioned symptoms are the usual acid reflux signs, they need not be the same for all the patients. It is better to visit a physician on the first sign itself so that it is easily cured with appropriate medicines and diet. GERD heals better and faster when it is in its early stage.





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