Learn to Control Your GERD with Few Easy Treatment Options

GERD is a problem that is giving hell a lot of discomfort to the sufferers. There are plenty of treatment options available to mitigate the levels of pain and other discomforts that arise due to cumbersome problem called GERD.

The treatments that are in practice at present certainly do a lot to improve the quality of life of the person who is suffering because of GERD problem.

Before discussing about the treatments options let us get to know few facts about GERD condition. The GERD problems are more severe at night than the day.

This is because the gravitational pull that helps to bring back the contents of the stomach from esophagus will not be there at night as the person will be in sleeping posture.

There is way to help the patients who are more prone for GERD problem. That person must sleep in little elevated position. This will result easy flow back of the stomach contents from the esophagus in case of GERD developed at night.

This is very simple to follow. All one has to do is keep some books or bedsheets under the pillow and place the head little higher than the feet.

Some specialist are of the opinion that when the person is sleeps on the left side, then there are less chances for the acid reflux to develop and even when there is acid reflux it will not be all that prominent. If the person sleeps on the right side, the acid reflux will be more prominent.

There are certain food stuffs those results in weakened lower esophagus muscle. Weakened lower esophagus muscle is one of the major causes for the acid reflux.

This being the case such food stuffs needs to avoid in total. Citrus juices, spicy foods, alcohol, and chocolates come under the category. In general reduced intake of oily foods and complete stopping of smoking will reduce the incidence of acid reflux.

Ant acids are the medicine that will first come to mind, while thinking of treating the acid reflux. These antacids will do a lot to neutralize the acid in the esophagus and will help to reduce the dangers of acidic contents.

The heart burn that is very common in acid reflux patients can be averted by using ant acids. The acid contents if not neutralized by the antacids can go on damaging the esophagus lining and the muscles of lower esophagus.

An ulcer of the esophagus is quite a possibility. Only disadvantage in ant acid usage is that it needs to be administered frequently in order to maintain the neutralizing effect.

Histamine antagonists are also in use for treating acid reflux. These histamine antagonists are capable of blocking the acid producing agents of the stomach.

These acid producing agents will be very active in GERD patients. Pro-motility drugs are the other effective treatment option. These pro-motility drugs help to strengthen the muscular contractions of the esophagus thus reducing the acid reflux.

What we had discussed here are only few treatment options. There many other treatment options for GERD problem. The physician is the best person to advise the right kind of treatment.

The effectiveness of treatment options will differ from person to person. Hence approach the physician as early as possible and get relieved of the discomforts quickly.






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