Understanding the Difficult Task of Diagnosing GERD for Better Results

The diagnosis of the GERD is not all that easy. The diagnosis is little more complex than many other disease conditions.

There are various accepted diagnosis procedures for GERD. But care should take while performing them not to get the false positive results.

The easiest way of diagnosing the GERD problem is the feeling of heart burn. If the burning sensation is felt just after the meal, then it must be due to acid reflux only.

The patients with such complaints will be given ant acids to counter the action of the acid reflux. In case the patient is relieved from heart burn, by the ant acid, then one can further confirm that the problem is acid reflux and nothing else.

But there are chances that certain other conditions that cause heart burns. Hence ruling out the possibility of the other cause becomes significant.

Gastro-intestinal endoscopy is the other diagnostic procedure that is very commonly used to identify the GERD problem. Here a small camera is pushed in to the oesophagus through nose and the oesophagus is examined thoroughly.

The stomach too will be examined well. In case the patient is suffering from acid reflux for quite some time, there is definite possibility of the lining of the oesophagus to get damaged due to the action of the acid.

In more severe cases, there can even be ulcers in the oesophagus. The ulcers formation is definite possibility, once the lining of the oesophagus is damaged.

One must remember that the presence of ulcers in the oesophagus requires immediate treatment. In addition to this, the presence of cancers can also be diagnosed with the help of gastro-intestinal endoscopy.

In case of presence of excess growth in the esophageal portion of the intestine, the biopsies of that portion will be subjected to pathological tissue changes study to confirm whether it is cancer growth or the growth is due to any infection.

Esophageal acid testing is the other effective diagnostic procedure for acid reflux. The main principle behind this test is that the person suffering from acid reflux will retain more acid in the esophageal region.

The acidity of the esophageal contents is tested, here. If the contents are more acidic in nature then it is concluded than the person is having GERD problem.

The ENT specialist will carry out more tests to rule out the other possibilities of discomfort and confirm that the discomforts are due to acid reflux only.

Once the GERD is confirmed, the treatments must be started immediately. Wasting time in getting the treatment will worsen the health of the sufferers. Giving the sufferers the acid suppressing the medications is also one way of diagnosing the GERD problem.

To confirm the GERD problem any one of the method discussed above can be tried. Each method will have its own accuracy level.

Using two or more diagnostic test can also be attempted in order to diagnose the problem more accurately. But the key factor is that the treatment must commence as early as possible, once the condition is diagnosed.






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